Monday, February 21

A Good day for a bright wedding

Only three days since my last report. The grime and dust of Delhi has found its way deep into me. My tolerance for spicy food has increased more in the last 72 hours than throughout the rest of my life. I am at one with the incessant honking and nightly fireworks.

Last night after a peaceful day at the B'hai Lotus Temple and a nerve racking evening at Karim's, Jen and I shared hard-to-find beer with two German travelers on the roof of our hostel.

The lotus temple is an enormous holy place inclusive to all faiths. Designed by a Canadian, it is a lotus-shaped structure made of glistening white marble.

Karim's is a very highly recommended place for food tucked into the maddening bazaar of Chondi Chowk. Before dusk we began our search in one of the tightest traffic congested areas I've ever seen. Within arms reach of at least 50 arms we almost brushed off a friendly tap from our German hostel mates, Mark and Francisca. Our combined mental and physical strength weaved us through the mayhem, past merchants, beggars, and other aggressive navigators of the street. The food was worth it. But we stayed late and discovered a whole new chaos getting home in he dark.

Skipping ahead to later that night, past the near theft, the rickshaw fiasco, and the great separation, we sat on the roof and watched parades dance and fireworks explode all over the city. Turns out, yesterday was a very lucky day to marry. Somehow the full moon and the alignment of the stars resulted in weddings all over Delhi and the rest of India.

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