Saturday, February 12

Trip Summary

4.5 months: Feb-July
7 provinces: Ladahk to Kerala
1 country: India

On Tuesday I'm flying to Beijing and then to Delhi. I will arrive at 1:35am in Delhi. I meant to arrive at 1:35pm. My bad. I'm a little worried about having my big adventure begin at such an early hour, but that's only one worry on a long list.

Getting shot full of vaccines from rabies to Japanese encephalitis was actually not comforting at all. I have become hyper-aware of the many diseases on the menu in India. Plus, to add to my worries, there wasn't a vaccine for the common cold, so I'm trying to balance fighting off a cold, saying farewell to my friends, and throwing together last minute details like purchasing DEET off season.

Tickets booked, visas ready, luggage contents in a laundary basket: 3 days to go!

RETROSPECTIVE: Many vaccines are inexpensive and available by trained doctors in India. Rabies can be treated easily most areas.
For more info on vaccines:

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