Sunday, June 5

How to become Hippy

Bad news, friends. I may have crossed over the thin line separating concerned students from hippies. Already I am interested in reducing my impact on the planet and spreading love, but ashram life may have pushed me over. We followed a scheduled regiment of deep breathing, mantra chanting, karma yoga (chores), meditative walks, cleansing, and 3 hours of daily yoga beginning at 5:30am. I adopted the vegetarian diet, accepted the value of deep breathing, and did not scoff at aryuvedic alternative medicine, all the while wearing Birkenstocks. 

For years I had been resisting my transformation to hippy. One point of resistance I held was refusing the netty pot, a watering can for your nose. But, one morning I was congested and standing in a garden amongst a field of snot rocketing keeners. Me-too had filled my ashram netty pot with warm salted water. I felt a warm booger drip onto my top lip. I tested a little blow. Wet dribble sputtered out of my nose. Here it goes. I took a squat, tilted my head to the left, put the spout of the netty pot into my right nostril. I took a deep breath through my mouth and, with a push of courage poured the water from the little plot into my head. The wilting little flowers of peace, love, and tree hugging thirstily soaked up the water, cleansing my head of anti-hippy sentiments, but I was not cleanses of mucus. Instead I had the sensation that of being pounded by a wave while surfing. I coughed and spattered water all over leaving the unexpected taste of salt water in my throat. Of course, after a few days I improved and I am now a proud owner and faithful user of a nasal wateringcan. 


  1. AnonymousJune 05, 2011

    I'm sure you'll make a fine hippy. The nasal watering can sounds interesting... more interesting than my plastic saline rinse bottle.

  2. AnonymousJune 06, 2011

    Wow! Dear Amelia, I envy all the experiences that you have had over the past weeks. Life will never be the same now for you. I know that you must have been a fun and marvelous teacher for the kids at the school, you must have been an adventurous and inquisitive shopper and you must have learned so much about "hippy" at the ashram. Welcome to the 60s and now you will be able to relate even better! Can't wait to see pics and hear more. Take care and wishing you continued safety and great experiences. Love, C.B.